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What is JOOMLA?

    Joomla is fast growing, open CMS system. It offers elegant design, various functionalities and easy administration. The main advantage of Joomla e customer friendly administrative platform through which You can manage content on your site alone.



In the basic package, which we have prepared our future customers have vazmozhnotta benefit from:

- Dynamic Homepage - At the request of the Client will add to the home page of his new website slider to display photos and key information.


-Main menu with 5 elements - As home and inner pages of your site will have a main menu with up to 5 elements to pomognatat user to navigate easily and quickly (at an additional charge may be added elements and secondary menus).

-10 inside pages - Package offers our customers 10 internal pages presenting content of their choice (additional payment mogatda add internal pages).

1 language version - package offers our customers 10 internal pages presenting content of their choice (additional payment mogatda add internal pages).


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-Search - field, which the user can search the site by keywords and phrases.


 contact form

Google map + contact form - Hardcore your optimized visualization to your address through Google Maps API and convenient contact form. With these tools each user can connect quickly and easily with you.




Primary SEO - Our specialists will cater to your site Optimizing so be highly indexed by Google, Yahoo and so on.


- Compatible with major browsers - You can be sure that we've put product will be displayed and function quality in all current browsers.


all browsers




Mobile Version - Your new website will look and function quality regardless of the device by which visited (smartphones, tablets, PC).



- Free domainh name - (the name of your site) for a year.

- Free hosting - Site and post your perood him for one year

- 6 mounts - technical guarantee



This package offers a Web site through the Joomla CMS within two weeks. One of the main conditions for the use of this package is the strict adherence to the schedule of work by the Customer. After signing the contract between the two parties Client is obliged within 3 days to provide all the information - photos, texts, files, logos, data and translations (in the event that web site would be more than one language). After these three days our team will start building the system, the client will choose the design. The last two days of testing web site and the removal of imperfections in it. Provided that the Customer fails to comply with specified in the contract schedule, the project will tolerate delay, which will add extra hours. After the default of the two weeks, automatically starts charging for every working hour. Prices are 30% of our basic price per hour to the completion of the project and will be added to the amount of the package from 997,00 EU without VAT

The full requirements will be attached as an annex to the tender and contract manufacturing.


If you have any inquiry about this package, you can contact us and we will respond shortly.


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Our crew can offer "one-and-only" solutions for those of our clients who wish it. By combining beautiful design with functionality we will realize your personal ideas and wishes.



Content management is an important part of every website. That's why we have chosen Joomla! to satisfy those who need fast and flexible web solutions for e reasonable price.


Online Stores

We can help you business develop and expand. Our team can offer you beautiful and reliable online stores based on PrestaShop - a powerful e-commerce platform.

Online Stores


With the creativity and the positive attitude of our team we offer delightful one of a kind design solutions so you can present yourself and your product with style.



We can offer our clients elegant and user friendly iOS and Android applications. Be the one to use the newest technologies in mobile services.



We are always ready to help a client in need. Support is our way of ensuring the quality of our product. If you can't fix it yourself then our crew will do it for you.



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The team of Total IT worked to develop our sites sofia-da.eu and fond.sofia-da.eu. We are happy with the work they done. In the process of working team of Total IT became a partner for us, consultant and always ready to offer innovative and creative solutions. Make sure, trust them! "

Svetlana Lomeva - Executive Director of the Association for Development of Sofia

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"We have been working with this company for many years now. The websites that it has made for us are functional, informative and very well developed in terms of design and colour. We highly value the way its employees work and manage to promptly respond to our requests and requirements. Together we succeed in reaching the desired result. It is our pleasure to work with Total IT in our constant search for optimal decisions."

Emil Vasilev - Executive Director of Balkan Middle Class Office

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"Total IT -They are strong in good ideas. I recommend them!"

Mariela Vladimirova - Executive Director of ABC Systems Ltd.

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"I'm very satisfied with Total IT's crew about our project www.salida.bg. I would like to recommend them to everyone who needs a new website, web based system, etc."

Delyan Vassilev - Executive Director of Salida Bulgaria EOOD

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    We create unique designer solutions for each one of our clients. We don’t treat our Clients as “People who want way too much” or “people who can’t make their own mind”. We know You want the best and We can provide it to You ! Every challenge proves what we are capable of.

    Our team consists of highly - educated young professionals, specialised in web application development who proved their own knowledge and experience to boost our clients positions and provide them with new business opportunities through technical advice and web services.

    We look forward to completely satisfy the clients requirements achieving suprime quality of our products and services. We provide each of our clients with complete personal solution, regardless of what Your occupation is. We treat our clients as partners and we build strong, long-term relationship and assist them creating their online business.

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